The Gideon Scholarship Belize

The Scholarship Bank is empty. That's a good thing! It means another youth is enrolled in high school. Here's your chance to help us invest in another youth of Belize. Shop with us and help us bring the tree back to life!



The Gideon Scholarship was created by the owner of ID SEVEN, Deidra Deandra, to support Belizeans wishing to pursue a high school education. The scholarship program is competitive and funds 4-year scholarships (yearly fees, tuition, books, uniform, etc.) for students. Scholarships are awarded to students based on two criteria: Financial Need and Academic Excellence. The goal is to support those who really cannot afford an education but who have the desire and commitment to work towards a successful future. ID SEVEN has supported 3 students to receive an education.

When you buy from ID SEVEN, you invest in youth empowerment in Belize. Let’s add some life to this tree and to a young person’s future—happy shopping!

Should you be willing and able to commit to more, please send us an email at